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Marine biology projects

NOA’s program curriculums are part of marine conservation projects. NOA uses real scientific data in our classes from programs that Nature and Oceans Adventures supports; this projects have a crucial mission to save some of the most endangered marine species on our planet.


Truth Curriculum

NOA's curriculum is based on truths in the fields of science, biology, physiology, psychology, nutrition and permaculture, our professional staff created a brand new learning curriculum for youth to ignite their passion for learning.

Holistic education

NOA’s programs strive to empower and inspire youth to learn and feel the inner spark of enthusiasm for learning and understanding the truths of science. 

Experiential learning and  mindful awareness are foundational to NOA's holistic education. We engage the individual with the world through an active multisensory approach whereby students are empowered with an ever growing dynamic experiences. 

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