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Marta Fabregas

Msc Marine Sciences, Biologist and Science Teacher

Born and raised in a coastal town north of Barcelona, Spain, Marta has been passionate for nature, wildlife and the ocean for her whole life. 

Marta attended University of Barcelona where she studied Biology and a Master’s degree in Marine Sciences. She studied the distribution of the bottlenose dolphin in the Mediterranean doing surveys along the coast of Liguria, Italy. Marta took a year off to study professional diving and she became a PADI Open Water Diver Instructor.​

During the summers Marta traveled to volunteer and experience wildlife and different cultures in different parts of the world, like Thailand, Argentina, Mexico and India. Marta got a scholarship to work for the environmental government of Wales. She spent months working inside National Parks. Later, she got accepted as a Marine Sea Turtle Conservation Coordinator in Costa Rica and she moved there.

She worked and lived in Costa Rica for more than 6 years and she founded a nonprofit to support marine conservation projects, environmental education in local schools and local permaculture initiatives. 

Marta utilizes experiential education in her lessons, a methodology that is student-centered meaning the students are encouraged to interact with the lesson rather than only to receive it. 


Marta teaches all NOA science programs. 


"My passion is to inspire youth to love and care about our planet and find sustainable living initiatives to live in harmony with nature".

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Alba Carod

Msc International Education, Msc Transpersonal Psychology and Psychologist

I’m an experienced Psychology and Mindfulness teacher with 15 years of experience teaching Psychology and introducing Mindfulness to high school and higher education students.   


I graduated in Willow Glenn High school in San Jose, California, and after pursued a University Degree on Psychology by the University of Barcelona.  During my summer holidays I have always contacted educational settings throughout the world (Hindu Himalayas, Hawaii, Vancouver Island) and occasionally I have committed to different volunteering posts. 


My personal involvement in mindfulness, yoga, astrology, dream-work, the study of spiritual sources, and meditative practices over the last 20 years has developed my feeling and intuitive senses and prepared the ground for a holistic approach in my classes.  


Alba Teaches the NOA Psychology program.


"As a teacher, I include exercises where the body, the heart, the mind, and consciousness are invited to co-creatively participate in the unfolding of learning".    


"My focus is to motivate young people of diverse cultural backgrounds to develop a higher level of self-awareness, and to connect to their authenticity".

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