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Psychology and Emotional Intelligence

In this semester long course students will learn simple skills associated with psychology, mindfulness, astrology  and dream work.

Students will be introduced to the brain and the heart biological foundations and engaged in reflective exercises to develop their skills in self-awareness, emotional regulation and social-abilities.  They will also receive an introduction to dream work and astrology as tools to support  career counselling.  

Finally, they will be involved in a creative exercise to create their potential story.


Psychology and Emotional Intelligence

During this course, students will learn about psychology, mindfulness, astrology  and dream work in depth. We will start with Biological foundations and finish with creative writing. This is a very interactive program and students will create their own projects too.

Our Learning goals are:


1) Mindfulness and well-being techniques

2)  Biological foundations and psychology

3) Social abilities and communication skills

4) Counseling, astrology and dream work


55 minutes per class

Twice per week over 12 weeks

Group 1: 7 to 12 year olds

Group 2: 13 to 18 year olds

3 to 15 students per class

Course Curriculum

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